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I cannot believe how convenient this case is. Not only does it keep my phone at full charge all day, but it also has short circuit protection and overcharge protection! Some accessories most cases don’t offer, which could actually damage your phone. The Shiftr case is definitely the safe choice. 

Paul T.

With my job I’m always on the road and my car doesn’t always charge my battery, sometimes it’ll just maintain it’s percentage but it won’t raise it. This battery case is a game changer! I’m able to stay out all day and my phone never even goes under 80 percent!

Sarah W.

I’ve bought at least three different versions of these things and they always seem to die out after a week or so, or at least don’t continue to work as efficiently. This case has not only worked pretty well, but it saved my phone from a few fatal falls too. Great charger but surprisingly the best case I’ve ever had.

Thomas R.

Normally the better the battery the rougher the case, luckily I found this to not be true with the Shiftr case. Unlike most plastic cases, this one has a smooth exterior which makes it easier to use all day. Sometimes I even forget it's on my phone. Definitely a great purchase!

Priscilla D.
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